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U.S. Analysts want Trump to Counter Putin's Moves in Africa



Washington, D.C. think-tanks are reacting to Russia's recent moves into Africa and are expressing worry. The fact that Russia is claiming $12.5 billion in new deals have come out of a Russia-Africa summit, that brought at least 43 nations together, is bringing them to call for the Trump administration to make moves on the continent as well.

The U.S. President Donald Trump has not visited any country on the African continent and hasn't any plans to do so. Nile Gardiner of the Washington, D.C. think-tank, the Heritage Foundation, doesn't like it. He told Fox News:

"The United States should be hugely concerned about growing Russian influence in Africa. Moscow’s goals are diametrically opposed to those of Washington. American leadership in Africa matters and the Trump Administration must make every effort to ensure that the U.S. voice is heard on the African continent, challenging the rising presence of both Putin’s Russia and Xi Jinping’s China."

The billions of deals between Russia and African nations are in the area of arms, minerals, nuclear power and even mercenaries, Fox News reported. Another analyst said the U.S. is asleep on the job.

The analyst, who was not named, also pointed out that President Trump had not visited Africa while Putin has. He said the U.S. has only invited a few African leaders for State visits while Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has made two major tours in Africa already in 2019. No corresponding visit by a high-level member of the Trump administration has happened.

Whilst the U.S. has a respectable $60 billion annual trade figure with Africa, in the past five years Russia has more than doubled its sales here to $20 billion. And it's rising rapidly. And Russia is Africa’s biggest arms supplier.

Moscow pushes Russia’s so-called struggle credentials. Putin this past week said his country has "supported the struggle of the peoples of Africa against colonialism, racism and apartheid."

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