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2019 Caribbean Cycling Championship in Haiti, Cancelled 48 Days Out



200 cyclists from 27 countries will not be competing for the championships in Haiti this October. 7 weeks out from the October 26, 2019 start of the cycling tour through Haiti and the Caribbean Cycling Federation has notified officials it is pulling out.

In a letter dated September 6, 2019, the Caribbean Cycling Federation (CCF) informed the Haitian Cycling Federation that it has declined the bid for the 2019 CCC in Haiti, a competition scheduled for October 25-27.

The decision was less than welcomed at the Ministry of Youth Sports and Civic Action (MJSAC) which responded Monday, September 9, 2019, with its reproaches. Addressed to the President of the CCF, Trevor S. Bailey, Minister Edwing Charles said the UCI President did not honor his word, given during his visit to Haiti and in other international meetings.

"You visited Haiti in October 2018, during the CANOC congress, and you expressed your admiration for the country. After several months of discussions, and during the month of May, at the COPACI congress in Mexico, the presidents of UCI, COPACI and you, signed a letter of confirmation proving that Haiti has fulfilled all the conditions of the 'organization of the championship'," the minister wrote.

Minister Charles also presented his regrets and evoked the implementations, preparations, that have already been carried out by the Haitian Cycling Federation for the organization of the competition, not counting the sponsors who have already given their agreement to support the event.

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2019 Caribbean Cycling Championship in Haiti, Cancelled 48 Days Out