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FIFA Threatens Sanctions against Haitian Football in Former Coach Dispute



The legal dispute between former men's coach, Patrice Neveu, and the Federation of Haitian Football (FHF) is "a sword of Damocles over the head of Haitian football", according to FHF President, Yves Jean-Bart.

FIFA set a deadline of August 31, 2019 for the federation to pay the full 2 years of salary with interest compensation that Mr. Neveu is demanding.

According to Dr. Jean-Bart, there is a third party in the case. The Haitian state has not respected its promise to cover the salary of Patrice Neveu that it committed to doing with the signing of a contract in 2016.

The FHF has paid Neveu $100,000 and owes him another $200,,000 in addition to interest according to a judgment from FIFA.

"This case is a threat to Haitian football," warned Dr. Jean-Bart. He informed that steps have been taken to find a solution to the file by August 31. The Federation has hired a lawyer to this effect.