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Football Federation Releases Gold Cup 2019 Financial Report



The cost for Haiti's participation in the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup amounted to $1.2 million [USD], but still outstanding is a $300,000 premium for the players that the Haitian state hasn't yet satisfied. This information is part of the financial report from the 2019 Gold Cup made available by the Federation of Haitian Football's (FHF) General Secretary, Carlo Marcelin, on Wednesday.

Expenditures included $600,000 in match fees, $405,000 for transportation and more than $21,000 for miscellaneous.

Contributions came from FIFA (43%), from the government (36%) and from Concacaf (21%). But Mr. Marcelin said the federation is awaiting a check of $300,000 from the Haitian state that will go to player premiums.

Concacaf did award the federation $200,000 for their third place finish and this money will be released in installments. Other projects of the federation are earmarked for the use of the reward.