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Overnight Express, National Palace Sets Up Commission of Dialogue



Over the night, at about 2AM, the National Palace released a note, without date, announcing that is has formed a commission of dialogue; a commission it is hoping will succeed where Religions for Peace had twice this year failed.

The mission of this group of seven is to undertake dialogue with leaders of the opposition towards signing a memorandum of understanding and order to end the political crisis explained, Jude Charles Faustin, an advisor to President Jovenel Moïse and member of this commission.

Mr. Faustin over radio air waves stressed that dialogue was essential in the efforts to find a solution to the crisis. The adviser to the head of state ensures that no subject is taboo in the context of this dialogue.

The commission is made up of allies of the head of state. A former interim prime minister, Evans Paul, two former ministers, Josué Pierre Louis and Emilie Jessy Menos, two close advisers Reynald Lubérice and Jude Charles Faustin as well as the president of the Haitian Tet Kale Party (PHTK), Liné Balthazar.

Two attempts this year, in February and September, by the Head of State to hold dialogue mediated by Religions for Peace Haiti (RPPH) had failed due to the opposition unwillingness to come to the table.

For the opposition, it has been interated and reiterated that the only discussions they would be willing to have with President Moïse, his proxies or with mediators, are in regards to the mode of his resignation from power. To those ends, the Alternative Consensual for the Refoundation of Haiti, the larger of the two opposition coalitions established a commission last week.

This opposition committee is made up of representatives of political parties and civil society figures, including former PHTK allies Gervais Charles and Retired Colonel Himmler Rébu and other opposition leaders including Jean André Victor of Popular Democratic Movement (MOPOD) and Gary Victor of the 3rd Way Movement.