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VIDEO Haiti Terrorist Gangs Return On Time for President's UN General Assembly Trip



On Friday morning, Valery Numa on Vision 2000 warned that vehicles and passersby traveling in the area of Mariani in Leogane were being hit by gunfire from unknown directions. This was the first reports in some months of what appears as gang-related violence against the general population.

The Friday morning alert comes after terrorists gangs, cited by the United Nations to be sponsored by individuals within the Jovenel Moise administration, had begun taking to the streets and demonstrating their power. The days of protest of this week will require terror to keep the Haitian population from continuing to protest their discontent with the level of outright corruptin in the administration.

The National Palace announced late Wednesday night, with reports published early Thursday morning, that President Jovenel Moise would be going to the 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York. Here the president would meet with allies and deliver his speech to the UN General Assembly.

The coincidence it not lost on The Haiti Sentinel that the climate of fear is being ramped up on the occasion. To avoid looking poorly on the world stage, state-sponsored terrorists have been mobilized is our opinion.

To these ends, a video was posted to social media Thursday, September 19, 2019, showing an individual in Haiti, where an arms embargo still exists, taking inventory of hundreds of newly boxed bullets and an automatic assault rifle. The intimidation in that video was followed by a witness video of a group of men walking Delmas 16 with heavy weaponry and firing shots in the air. It appears a box is being opened to hand weapons to other men in the video.

The Haiti Sentinel knows from good sources that government officials are directly involved in arming and funding street gangs to become terrorism arms. The aim is to maintain a climate of fear within the population.

Massive protests continue to irritate government officials. Revelations are weekly of current officials, including the president and first lady, of their involvement in embezzling and laundering billions of State funds. The only recourse for the administration has been to sponsor terrorism.

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