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Mayor of Quartier-Morin, Jean Éric Béliard, Passes Away



Jean Éric Béliard, the Mayor of Quartier-Morin, passed due to a brain tumor, Jude Edouard Pierre, the Mayor of Carrefour and President of the National Federation of Mayors (FENAMH), announced Thursday.

Officials at the Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities met with the family of the deceased to plan funerals and provisions. Funderal arrangements will soon be announced said Mayor Pierre.

The festivities of the celebration of the Patron Saint of Quartier Morin (Saint-Louis) were suspended by the municipal administration at the announcement of this news.

"FENAMH collapses after the news of the death of the Chief Mayor of Quartier-Morin Jean Eric Belliard this morning. 10th death in our ranks ! Mourning, another new ? God, deliver us from this evil ! All our sympathies to his family, his colleagues and his constituents !" Jude Edouard Pierre, President of FENAMH and Mayor of Carrefour.