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U.S. Led Diplomats 'displaying racist behavior', says Haiti Senator Nenel Cassy



On Monday, Senator Nenel Cassy (Fanmi Lavalas - Nippes) denounced as "displaying racist behavior", a group of diplomats within the international community in Haiti calling themselves "The Core Group". Speaking at a press conference with other political leaders and legislative colleagues, Senator Cassy said the U.S. led "Core Group must prove that it is not made up of racist diplomats" before outlining their actions over the past two years.

"Not a single black is in the Core Group, how do we think these diplomats will be able to love us and understand our demands," said Cassy who questions the powerful, yet minority, faction of diplomats in Haiti. The groupd, led by the United States, includes diplomats from the United Nations Mission in Haiti, Germany, France, among others, but not representatives from nations of a darker complexion.

Senator Cassy supported his declaration invoking the silent complicity of the 'Core Group' in the face of the Jovenel Moïse administration's involvment in massacres of his own citizens. Namely, Senator Cassy spoke of the two-day siege of the under-priviledged community of La Saline where dozens of residents died, nearly one hundred were injured and many raped and tortured.

Senator Evaliere Beauplan (PONT - Nord'Ouest) also spoke at the press conference of a "racist disposition" displayed by the group. Senator Beauplan pointed to the repeated violations of the 1961 Vienna Conventions. Prohibited in all nations, foreign diplomats from engaging, let alone, coercing, politicians and the internal politics of a host country. In this sense, the senator alluded to information circulating that President Moïse was urged to not resign by the diplomats although an overwhelming majority of the population is demanding it.

Retired Colonel Himler Rébu, in his opportunity, denounced the presence of false policemen within the ranks of the PNH provoking violence during peaceful protests. The Haitian National Police, which is funded and trained nearly wholly by the United States, "must assist us in identifying the citizens in uniform of the police who are not police," said Rébu. It has been a long-going issue that U.S. taxpayer funded arms and tactical gear being found in the possession of street gangs, unqualified security personnel and with members of the Haitian 'traditional elite'.

"Our message is clear, we told the Core Group on Monday that Jovenel Moïse must leave immediately," said Senator Youri Latortue (AAA - Artibonite), for his part. The Chairman of the Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission called on the people to remain vigilant. Latortue, a former major in the army, castigated the behavior of the police, who for no matter, according to him, launch tear-gas canisters, while these policemen are housed in the same way as the people, victims of the corruption practiced under the regime in power.

U.S. Led Diplomats 'displaying racist behavior', says Haiti Senator Nenel Cassy