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Gracia Delva Annouces Return as Vice-Quaestor of Senate



Senator Gracia Delva (AAA - Artibonite), in a letter to Senate President Carl Murat Cantave (AAA - Artibonite), annouced his return to the senate and the senate administration as vice-quaestor. Senator Delva relinquished the bureau position after he was found strongly involved in a kidnapping and ransom case orchestrated through suspected terrorist gang leader, Arnel Joseph.

The letter dated Monday, September 9, 2019, comes after a rough weekend for Senator Delva where it was reported that he was barred from entering the United States and the Bahamas for his involvement in the activities of Arnel Joseph.

Gracia Delva is likely emboldened by the actions of Senate Quaestor Onondieu Louis (KID - Nord'Ouest). Senator Louis was found to be running a vast money laundering and embezzlement ring with workers in the senate and members of civil society. Senator Louis was asked to step down from his bureau seat but responded defiantly to the Senate President that he would not.

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