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Money Laundering: Onondieu Louis Indignant, Intends to Remain Treasurer of the Senate



Elected as Quaestor to the Senate Bureau, Senator Onondieu Louis (KID - Nord'Ouest) announced that he does not intend to relinquish "any of his mandates". This comes a day after a conference of presidents meeting where afterwards, Senator Louis was told by Senate President Carl Murat Cantave (AAA -Artibonite) that he was censured from holding his seat as Quaestor.

Senator Cantave's notice of the conference's decision was made in the press and it would have outraged Senator Louis. According to Onondieu Louis, these statements are "shattering" and "offensive" and they "scandalize the Senate in particular and the homeland in general".

Senator Onondieu Louis is cited in a criminal investigation for heading a vast money laundering and embezzlement operation involving million in state funds, a number of individuals, including workers in the Senate. The workers have already testified of Senator Louis' involvement in the financial crimes.

Nonetheless, the Senator of the Nord'Ouest wrote to the Senate President saying he is "upset by your ignominious remarks and your cavalier and vexatious attitude. The undersigned senator reminds you that the office of which he is a member was elected by the assembly of senators, which alone has the authority and the legitimacy to dismiss the office or one of its members by a two-thirds majority."

"Tell and believe, as you have done in the press, that you have taken sanctions against the Senator / Quaestor whose name was insidiously and dishonestly peddled in a police report prepared for the needs of the cause, are a gross and disloyal maneuver and a dangerous call to the judicial lynching of the person of the latter," said the parliamentarian writing in third person throughout his letter. He points out that the conduct of Carl Murat Cantave in this case dishonors and humiliates the assembly of senators.

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