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Embezzlement: Senate Treasurer Onondieu Louis Censured by Bureau



Senator Onondieu Louis (KID - Nord'Ouest) was forced to leave his seat as Treasurer of the Senate for his involvement in running a vast embezzlement and money laundering ring.

The decision was made at a Conference of Presidents held Wednesday, September 4. Announced by Senate President Carl Murat Cantave (AAA - Artibonite), a special commission of inquiry will be created to shed light on the case of Onondieu Louis.

Administrative precautionary measures will be taken against all the officials working in the Senate cited in this case, pursuant to articles 191 and 188.2 of the decree revising the General Statute of the Civil Service, according to Senator Cantave.

Senator Louis wrote to the Senate Bureau claiming innoncence and requesting a stay of three days on their decision, "until he knew what to do in the context of this file". President Cantave said it would be the assembly of senators who would decide whether to replace Quaestor Louis.

The censure of Senate Quaestor Louis follows the censure of Senate Vice-Quaestor Gracia Delva (AAA - Artibonite).

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