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U.S. Interference in Haiti to Continue with Undersecretary David Hale's Upcoming Visit



Claiming "neutrality" and placing pressure and deadlines on Haitians who are seeking solutions to completely over haul a system that has failed them is not neutrality. The process of re-founding a nation should not be rushed and should not be interfered with, but that is what the United States is continuing to do.

Stunting Haiti's Growth

Founding the United States of America was not a smooth ride. Reading extensively through the notes of James Madison and the records of the constitutional conventions and meetings surrounding it, often there were delegations that were days late, or didn't arrive at the meetings, or in some cases, even the host delegation was missing in action. There were disappointments and many faults along the way to creating the U.S. Constitution and founding the nation, it took time but it was allowed to take time.

The American Civil War took many lives. It was violent, it was brother against brother. But what would have become of the U.S. if England, France or Germany had decided to intervene with peacekeepers to settle the fight for them?

There are growing pains and difficulties on the road to founding a nation. The United States is not allowing Haiti to experience its growth. Many imperialist nations deprive African nations of this opportunity. And it's by design.

Undersecretary Hale's Upcoming Visit

Following the November 20, 2019 visit of Kelly Craft, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, who came into Haiti as a special favor for U.S. President Donald Trump, a new intervention is scheduled to be carried out by the U.S. Americans.

In the coming days, the U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, David Hale, is expected to come into the country and meet with political actors. Just like Ambassador Craft, Undersecretary Hale will place pressure on Haitians to form what the U.S. has characterized as a "legitimate government", but this time, Mr. Hale will demand it be formed before the end of 2019. This information was reported by the 120-year old newspaper, Le Nouvelliste.

Hale is also expected to reiterate the same talking point made by Ambassador Craft and other U.S. diplomats in Haiti. He will say that the United States is neurtral, neither on the side of the opposition, that is supported by an overwhelming majority of Haitians from different sectors of society, nor on the side of the exceedingly embattled President Jovenel Moïse, who faces real charges for financial crimes, massacres and now political persecution.

Political observers throughout history and those observing the recent developments in Haiti equate neutrality as equal to supporting the powerful as opposed to the masses, in this case, the people of Haiti. It has not been lost on the Haitian people that the United States and the Trump administration are the only remaining figures supporting the Tet Kale regime's maintenance of power. As proof, the same criticisms that befell Ambassador Craft's visit will likely fall on Undersecretary Hale's visit.

U.S. Interference in Haiti to Continue with Undersecretary David Hale's Upcoming Visit