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U.S. Intimidation of Haiti Senator Revealed in WhatsApp Message, Allegedly



The U.S. Department of State has denied and will deny the practice but The Haiti Sentinel continues to receive testimony that U.S. diplomats have used and continue to use visas and the issuance of visas as tools for the advancement of U.S. foreign policy and interests abroad, at least in Haiti where racism is the policy.

Why is Racism U.S. Policy in Haiti

Haitians fought in the war of independence for the United States in Savannah, Georgia. Haiti's revolution and defeat of the French allowed for the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, tripling the colonies land and providing for U.S. westward expansion.

Haiti, as the first wholly free nation and republic in this hemisphere, should have enjoyed a strong bond with the United States from the outset. The two nations should have had been like the U.S. and Israel. The ideals of the U.S. Declaration of Independence would have been reinforced by this bond and been tone-setting for the world.

But instead, the U.S. chose to not recognize Haiti as a country for 50 years. Instead, it has been invasions, massacres, and political manipulation. It has been theft in resources and the brightest minds while undermining the economy and electoral system.

You see, the U.S. policy in Haiti is predicated on how much hate exists for the African-Americans, the Blacks that were enslaved in the U.S., A.D.O.S., Blacks who suffered through Jim Crow and continue to suffer through economic exclusion and injustice today in the United States.

It is the U.S. government's hate for the Blacks in the United States that drive its racists policies towards Haiti because the Blacks in the United States can never be allowed to live, to see, to know, an example like Haiti, not in 1804, and not in 2019.

Visa Intimidation

Earlier this week, information began circulating on social media that Senator Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy (Verite - Ouest) had his U.S. visa revoked. The stories all tied the revocation of the senator's visa to his activism and leadership within the coalitions demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse.

The Haitian President has been found by a court guilty of crimes of fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, corruption, by human rights organizations guilty of massacres of his own people, repression and by Haitian lawmakers and political parties, obstructing the cause of judicial pursuits against politicians involved in the corruption of the PetroCaribe fund, among other crimes.

On Thursday morning, from a Facebook account close to the senator, an alleged exchange via text message with the Consul General of the United States in Haiti, Scott Boswell, and Senator Cheramy, was shared. Update: Message authenticity confirmed by Senator Cheramy.

In the message, 11:10AM on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, Mr. Boswell allegedly writes:

Hello Mr. Senator, this is Scot Boswell, Consul General of the USA. I would like to talk to you today, if possible, on matters concerning your visa for the USA. You can join me on telephone or WhatsApp, whichever you prefer. With my regards, Scott Boswell, Consul General.

Senator Cheramy, a famous actor for his role in Haiti's most watched film ever, "I Love You Anne", and lead singer of popular Haitian band 'Brothers Posse', returned with a response quite priceless, quite historic. He wrote:

Since the time I've chosen to engage and denounce the mistreatment in the matter of visas, I have already expected a message like this.

I will remind you:

1 - Since the time I entered in the fight for the People in the Parliament more than 3 years ago, I have never made a trip to Uncle Sam's house;

2 - This makes one year now that my visa has been expired, I chose not to renew it. Even though I have a visa through my diplomatic passport from the Senate, I choose to not miss a day in the fight for the benefit of the Haitian People.

I choose to stay in the line of:

Bois Caiman,
Dessalines "The Great",
Pierre Sully,
Rosalvo Bobo,
Charlemagne Peralte!


U.S. Intimidation of Haiti Senator Revealed in WhatsApp Message, Allegedly