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Barbados Won't Discuss Easing Haitian Travel with Unstable Government



The Government of Barbados said it would not be able to sit down and discuss with the Haitian government terms of easing travel for Haitian nationals into the country until there is political stability in the country.

The Barbados Ambassador to the Caribbean Community (Caricom), David Comissiong said "we know that we owe a great debt to Haiti and every person should do everything in its power to help Haiti out of the quagmire in which it is situated. But it must first find its way to achieve political stability. Once we have a stable government with which we can sit down and talk, we can then gradually solve the problems we have. I would love to see a well managed migration from Haiti to Barbados..."

Barbados had removed the visa requirement for Haitians in May of 2018 as its Prime Minister Mia Mottley came into office. They found that the restrictions at the time violated the Chaguaramas Treaty that abolished the requirement of visas for Haitians. But a flood of Haitians into the country forced Barbados to reestablish the requirement in July 2019.

It deserves noting that movements to overthrow Haitian President Jovenel Moïse began on July 7, 2018, two months after the Barbados easing of measures. "As long as there is not a certain political stability in Haiti, where the Government will not be challenged in such an extreme way, it will be difficult to sit down and discuss cooperation which includes the conditions of entry of Haitian nationals," the ambassador said.

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