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U.S. Navy Hospital Ship, USNS Comfort, in Haiti from November 4 - 13



The United States Navy's hospital ship, USNS Comfort, will arriving in Port-au-Prince on November 4 and remain until November 13, 2019, according to a note from the U.S. Embassy in Haiti.

The visit is said to be part of the U.S. Navy operation, Enduring Promise. The stop in Haiti is part of the ship’s five-month deployment to Latin America and the Caribbean in a medical assistance mission according to the embassy's note.

The press release continues to say that medical teams from USNS Comfort will be working alongside host nation medical professionals in providing a variety of medical services to adults and children at the medical site, as well as basic surgical care onboard Comfort. Several medical professionals from partner nations will embark on Comfort to join the effort to provide medical care to patients throughout the region.

Free medical services provided as part of the Enduring Promise exercise at the one designated medical site include: Family medicine, preventive medicine, dental exams and dental treatments, optometry (eye exams), pediatrics, dermatology, women’s health and physical therapy.

This marks the seventh hospital ship deployment to the region since 2007 and the fifth to Haiti in the past decade. Comfort medical teams will also provide care in Colombia, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, Grenada, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, Saint Lucia and St. Kitts and Nevis during this deployment.

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