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AUDIO Jovenel Moïse is Psychologically Damaged says European Union Diplomat, Allegedly



The Delegation from the European Union in Haiti is denying a report of the account of the EU's new representative in Haiti, Sylvie Tabesse, in her meeting with President Jovenel Moïse upon entering the country. The report, which appears to be from an interview with a whistleblower with knowledge of the diplomatic cables sent to Brussels, says Madame Tabesse's impression of the Haitian Head of State is of a man "psychologically damaged (crazy)".

Madame Tabesse has reported that she "spoke to a disoriented man without any lucidity, therefore unable to maintain relations with the European Union in this current context." It added that she had to "shorten their meeting, after the credentials ceremony because she found a man whom she describes as insane. Faced with the most acute crisis of his mandate, the president proposes unrealistic solutions unrelated to the current context." The diplomat left the National Palace "confused and perplexed."

The report continues by saying that First Lady Martine Moïse is inconsolable about her husband's mental state. "The president has not eaten for days and can not sleep after Religions for Peace withdrew from conducting dialogue rejected by the opposition."

The report said the stubborness of the United States was "most distressing." "US Ambassador Michèle Sison and UN SG Representative Helen La Lime are opposed to any plans that would allow President Moïse to step down from power in dignity and in peace."

The EU representative calls American support for Jovenel "blind and hyprocritical. He [Jovenel Moïse] has lost all credibility and the Americans have not helped the country. They have not released a dollar to help the population, some of whom are shouting famine. Faced with this untenable situation, Jovenel must find money to calm the street but the coffers are empty after being looted by ministers, deputies and corrupt senators and close friends of Jovenel."

Madame Tabesse's tone alluded to the possibility of the European Union leaving Haiti if nothing was done to remedy the situation. The report says she told Brussels that it was "impossible to collaborate with a president in such a deplorable psychological state, a president fists and feet bound and back to the wall."

She called the two American supporters of the Head of State, Michele Sison and Helen La Lime "two crazy Americans" that "maintain this hell." "These two unequaled diplomats give reports that Nicolas Maduro is being persecuted instead of talking about the President's loss of credibility with his people."

"Jovenel Moses is weakened both in the street and mentally. He has to pack his bags and go back to rest. He has too many complications to manage, the opposition on one side, the traitors of Martelly's camp on the other and in the meantime the country runs."

"The president is a prisoner of Americans who do not want to lose face under the watchful eyes of Nicolas Maduro. He is also a prisoner of the dillapidateurs of the petro caribe funds who put pressure on him not to resign because they dread a trial led by a transitional government, these bourgeois smugglers who are afraid of losing their monopoly and who do everything to make this president remains despite his inability to regain control."

"Jovenel Moses must return to rest. Haitians are tired of this macabre game that sinks them a little more every day in misery."

"People, go out in crowds and demand the resignation of the president. He's crazy, he's crazy crazy."

AUDIO Jovenel Moïse is Psychologically Damaged says European Union Diplomat, Allegedly