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Cuba Envisions Three Dams in 10-Year Water Repair, Expansion Project in Cap-Haïtien



On September 25, 2019, Cuba's National Instititue of Hydraulic Resources (INRH) signed a memorandum of understanding the with Haiti's National Directorate of Potable Water and Sanitation (DINEPA) and the National Laboratory of Building and Public Works (LNBTP) to begin studies on the Grande Riviere du Nord, Riviere Bouyaja and the Riviere Thomonde, to construct dams and reservoirs. This is part of a decade-long repair and expansion project by the Cuban government for the water networks in Greater Cap-Haïtien.

Several state institutions are involved in the realization of these projects which are part of a larger project announced in August to repair and expand the water networks in Haiti's Second City. The signing of the memorandum of understanding is to establish bases of cooperation between the three main institutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, DINEPA and LNBTP will provide the necessary technical and administrative support to INRH for the successful completion of the projects, including the provision of equipment to staff to carry out and monitor preliminary studies.

There are also provisions in the MOU for sending requests through the supervisory ministries of the regulatory bodies for any exemptions from customs duties and other taxes relating to the possible temporary importation of equipment and, in general, all material necessary for civil engineering works and/or hydraulics to perform.

Under this protocol, the INRH will make available to the Haitian side, under the contracts signed with Cubahidraulica, senior specialists to carry out feasibility studies of hydraulic structures with their Haitian peers. hydraulic investigation, the design of hydraulic structures and the formulation of hydraulic projects. The INRH, in turn, as decided, will participate in the technical implementation of the projects that will bear the expenses associated with travel and other obligations to foreign experts.

According to the remarks of the President of the INRH of Cuba, Antonio Rodriguez, the responsibilities of the Cuban side could be at two levels, namely the participation of the INRH in the studies of the dams compared to the already identified sites and the implication Cuban Ministry of Construction Micons-Cuba through the state enterprise DINVAI-Cuba for the phase "execution of hydraulic works" at the end of said studies.

In order to carry out part of this work, the Haitian State will be able to count on the support of the Office of the Authorizing Officer of the European Fund and probably on the collaboration of the Swiss Cooperation which remains to be defined. Once the studies are completed, it is planned to start work on the site of Latanerie Grande-Rivière du Nord. In addition to the two institutions mentioned above, it should be noted that the Ministries of Environment, Agriculture and the National Center for Geospatial Information (CNIGS) participated in the three projects.

Cuba Envisions Three Dams in 10-Year Water Repair, Expansion Project in Cap-Haïtien