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China Offers Haiti Interest-Free Loans to Cut Taiwan Ties



A Taiwanese news agency is reporting that China is attempting to lure Haiti away from its relationship with Taiwan by offering the country interest-free loans.

The subtitle for the news article says "[Taiwanese] Relations with Haiti stable, cooperation projects proceeding" but then it reports that a Beijing official made an offer of interest-free loans to the Haitian government so that it would accept the "One China Principle" and cut ties with Taiwan.

“China will fully respect the recipient country and direct investment according to the country’s needs to areas like infrastructure that [have] huge funding gaps,” China Official, Wang Xiangyang, said.

The Jovenel Moise administration responded to the reports saying that relations with Taiwan were stable. "Taiwan is concentrating its efforts to provide realistic assistance which benefits the public, rather than making grand promises," an official at the Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is quoted as saying.

Internally the relationship is threatened by disaccord between President Jovenel Moise and an overwhelming majority of citizens and growing number of lawmakers. Mr. Moise's widely publicized allegations of corruption have led many to believe the administration's partnership with Taiwan is built on his personal project to establish his own electric company that will benefit from the Taiwanese investment.

In the coming months it will be a tough line for Taiwan to toe to maintain the relationship, without appearing to support a president most see as a symbol of corruption.

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