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UN Allocates $600,000 to Cap-Haïtien as Cholera Compensation



The City of Cap-Haitien received $600,000 [USD] from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as compensation for the victims of cholera. It is part of a community compensation program for the 2010 cholera outbreak that Haitian officials estimated required $3 billion [USD] to eradicate.

According to the method defined by UNDP, a council of nine members is created for each of the four municipal sections in the city. The nine members of the platform are elected by the affected communities directly or directly from the disease with a mission to link between the United Nations and the population.

Local elected representatives and community leaders will plan water capture, sanitation, market construction or public latrine, projects in order to improve sanitary conditions in Cap-Haïtien by 2020. The UNDP says it is the projects identified and chosen by the victims of cholera that will be funded or executed with the money available.

Cholera has claimed 10,000 lives in Haiti since being introduced by United Nations peacekeepers in 2010. 1 million Haitians have been affected by the disease.