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Trump Fires Bolton, Jovenel Moïse's Ally in Washington



On Monday, US President Donald Trump announced he had terminated John Bolton as his National Security Advisor. The firing of Bolton leaves President Jovenel Moïse in a very awkward predicament.

The hawk, John Bolton, who before being NSA was a guest commentator on Fox News, Hannity, at that, managed to get Haitian President Jovenel Moïse to abandon Venezuela, not once, but twice, in votes in the Organization of American States (OAS).

President Moïse, with Bolton in his ear, also made the shocking, politically and economically fatal decision to remove Haiti from the Petrocaribe program. This decision now forces oil and gas distributors in Haiti to by combustibles at full price instead of at a discount and removes about $600 million [USD] in annual loans from Haiti's budget. It's having a critical impact on the country's socio-economic situation today.

John Bolton spoke so highly of Jovenel and his management of Haiti. Bolton received and met with Minister of Foreign Affairs Bocchit Edmond and on another occasion Charge d'Affaires to Washington D.C. Herve Denis. The administration felt it was in with sin when it came to Trump.

In that respect, Jovenel Moïse severed diplomatic relations with China at a time when the Chinese are investing all over the Caribbean and Latin America for political influence, of course, but also for growing bilateral relations. Haiti is a rare country not benefiting from this.

US President Donald Trump has shown himself more fond of leaders who stand up for themselves and their country over those who brown nose with foolish loyalty. The Tet Kale regime is truly in some precarious waters today.