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Amnesty International Report Met with Defiance from Haiti Justice Minister



Outgoing-Justice Minister, Jean Roudy Aly, responsible for the unconditional release of seven highly armed foreign mercenaries in February, issued a defiant response to the report of Amnesty International that found the Jovenel Moïse administration, through the police, was using excessive force against Haitian citizens.

Serving under a prime minister within a government with no legal legitimacy, Minister Aly, rather than giving a considerate and inquiring response, dismissed the Amnesty International findings outright.

He oriented the global human rights organization to inquire from State institutions in its reports. He said human rights organizations should gather information from the ministry, the office of the minister for human rights - unheard of at The Haiti Sentinel -, the Office of the Ombudsman (Office of Civil Protection - OPC) and the National Police of Haiti (PNH).

The ministry under Mr. Aly said that police are often incited to use force because of physical attacks by demonstrators and destruction of public property. Demonstrators and journalists have continued to report that it is the other way around. They claim unnecessary police force against their peaceful protest is responded to with hostility over the affront to their inalieanable right.

Mr. Aly invited AI to review video from demonstrations posted on the web. It deserves noting that the Amnesty International press release that accompanied the release of its findings was supported by embedded video and photos of instances where police used excessive force against citizens.

Amnesty International Report Met with Defiance from Haiti Justice Minister