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6 Diplomats in the Bahamas Recalled with More to Come



Atleast six diplomats stationed at the Haitian Embassy to the Bahamas were recalled or transferred and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it will eventually replace all the employees in Nassau, this following the report of the investigative commission returning from its mission.

Contradicting earlier reports, the commission's report revealed "unacceptable situations," the Foreign Minister Bocchit Edmond told Le Nouvelliste on Monday. Minister Edmond said the commission, in its report, confirmed the "voluntary or involuntary" involvement of several diplomats in "wrongdoing". The report also pins a former diplomat.

The minister notably raised the issue of trafficking of residence visas in the Bahamas which are issued on the spot through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the capital Nassau. "Some people have gone directly through diplomats who have used their influence to help them get the visa," says Bocchit Edmond, pointing out that this behavior is contrary to established principles. Diplomats should not be involved in the process unless, says the Haitian Chancellor, the Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to ask the embassy to authenticate certain documents provided by the visa applicant.