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Dorval Darlier Charge of Embassy in Bahamas after Recall of 6 Diplomats



The Consulat General of Haiti in Montreal, Dorval Darlier, will be taking the head of the Haitian Embassy in the Bahamas after the recall of 6 diplomats at that office following an investigation which uncovered a poorly functioning mission.

Mr. Darlier will assume the title of interim Chargé d’Affaires. An actual ambassador has not been stationed in Nassau since the recall of Ambassador Jean-Victor Généus in 2016. Nonetheless, Dorval Darlier returns to a mission that he had experience in before, holding the rank of Minister Counselor since June 2016 before going to Montreal.

The former interim Chargé d’Affaires, François Michel, will head to Quito, Ecuador, to assist the embassy in that country. Sandhrinie Imbert will move to Mexico City and officials Herns Mesamour and Blaise Claudy are recalled to Port-au-Prince.

News agency, Rezo Nòdwèsm was informed of the unofficial resignation of First Secretary Adras Andris, who appears most touched by the corruption scandal. Mr. Andris, who is the son of former Senator Riché Andris of Grande-Anse, was transferred to the Haitian consulate in Curaçao before he ultimately resigned, but the news agency learned, that he had not stopped multiplying his comings and goings into Nassau.