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Former Deputy Arnel Bélizaire Arrested in Jacmel Transferred to Port-au-Prince



Overnight on Friday, former Deputy Arnel Bélizaire, was arrested in the city of Jacmel in the Sud-Est Department.

On Saturday morning, National Police of Haiti (PNH) Commissioner Michel-Ange Louis Jeune said "yes, I confirm his arrest. Other people accompanying him were also arrested. He had weapons, grenades, etc.," said the spokesman.

A warrant was issued for the arrest by the Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Jacques Lafontant. Lafontant is accusing the former Deputy of Delmas of "conspiracy against the internal security of the State, the U.S. Embassy and Brasserie la Couronne." Commissioner Lafontant says threats were made against these establishments.

A Vision2000 radio correspondent in Jacmel reported "3 rifles, 5 pistols, 3 grenades, 1 gas mask, 12 gun loaders, 8 rifle magazines, ammunition, cash money, and communication equipment," in vehicles along with 7 other individuals, the reporter said.

Arnel Bélizaire was accompanied by Jean Pierre Fleure, Pierre Killick Cémélus, Belizaire Clermont, Joanel Paul, Garry Phillemond, Mackenton Estoril and Roberson Harry Joanis. Their convoy consisted of three vehicles.

This is a white Toyota Hilux double cabin, a red Toyota Land Cruiser, and a white GMC. The judicial police are currently conducting a search of a hotel owned by Arnel Belizaire located in Lakou New York (Jacmel). He was transferred to Port-au-Prince via helicopter on Saturday. PNH spokesman Michel-Ange Louis Jeune said he will be auditioned at the DCPJ.

Former Deputy Arnel Bélizaire Arrested in Jacmel Transferred to Port-au-Prince