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Ret. Lt. General Hérard Abraham Greatly Saddened by Situation in Haiti



In an open letter Monday, retired Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Haiti, Hérard Abraham expressed a deep sadness at the state of affairs in Haiti, where a nation is crying out for the resignation of its president, Jovenel Moïse, and justice for economic crimes.

The lieutenant general's note follows:

Port-au-Prince, 07 October 2019

Haitian men, Haitian women,
It is with great sadness that I, retired General Lieutenant Hérard ABRAHAM, myself, addresses today where my country, our homeland, Haiti, finds itself in deadlock. Our sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, judging that their cries are not heard, are tearing each other in the streets, destroying the few infrastructures, public buildings, business houses we have left. We suffer, we all lose hope a little more each day, We can not continue like this.

Once again, the concerned patriot I am is eager to find a beneficial outcome to this crisis that has lasted too long. After many consultations and reflections, I urge all the forces of the nation, especially women and young people, to work for a solution that can redress the national boat.

Therefore, I invite all patriots, community leaders, to join me to get involved in the research, validation and support of a healthy option that will lead Haiti to a stable and prosperous destiny.

You, the elected representatives of the People who are at the heart of the scandal, show proof of composure and good faith in supporting by improving and accompanying this initiative.

Let us be united, dear compatriots, to avoid a new defilement of the first Black Republic of the world. Let's work together to make Haiti a welcoming, clean, green country, so that they never dare to call it "Shit Hole".

Say all, not to hate, no to corruption, no to inequalities, no to monopolies but yes to inclusion, yes to solidarity, yes to mutual help, yes to abundance, yes to love.

May God keep us and bless Haiti.

Retired Lieutenant General
Armed Forces of Haiti

Ret. Lt. General Hérard Abraham Greatly Saddened by Situation in Haiti