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Secret Service and Police Officer, Fatal Shootout over Pikliz, Injures Several



An argument between a National Palace secret service officer and another police officer over pikliz, a spicy meal garnishment similar to cole slaw, led to the death of the patrolman and injuries to several others.

It is unclear if either of the men were in uniform.

Witnesses say a police officer named Steve Jean-Louis, 42, after receiving his meal at Harry's, a restaurant in Petion-Ville, he had asked for pikliz for his fried plantains.

Later reports would say that the restaurant was out of pikliz. Nonetheless, Mr. Jean-Louis was unwilling to accept his meal without it.

An officer of the General Security Unit of the National Palace (USGPN), Junior Pamphile, who's girlfriend worked at the restuaraunt then ridiculed the man saying "ou pa ka gason w'ap kriye pou pikliz (you can't be a man to be crying over pikliz)."

The citizen, Mr. Jean-Louis, returned and told the officer "rantre nan bagay ki gade'w (enter matters that look at you or 'mind your own business'". From there, the situation escalated.

Both men would eventually agree, daring to say, according to witnesses, that neither were into arguing with people but into wrangling with guns.

In the end, Officer Jean-Louis was shot dead by three bullets, one to the head. Officer Pamphile was shot in the mouth and rushed to the hospital but is well. Others were wounded, including the guitarist Delice, known for his acts with the kompa bands Djakout #1 and Krezi Mizik, who took a bullet to the arm.

However, earlier reports that circulated for about a day led the nation to believe that Officer Pamphile had also died of his wounds. Police spokesman, Garry Desrosiers, on Sunday evening, said Mr. Pamphile was alive and was receiving care for his injury. He said internal affairs of the Directorate General of Judicial Police (DCPJ) was continuing its investigation.