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Identity of President Jovenel Moïse's Replacement Will Soon Be Known



Public declarations, feet on the pavement, are of lesser frequency these days as discussions take place in meeting halls throughout the country among opposition members seeking to finalize elements of the transition from President Jovenel Moïse... including his replacement.

The commission of nine members that was charged with the task of coordinating the handover of power announced it had settled on the names of three persons, justices currently serving on Haiti's Supreme Court, to repleace the President of the Republic. With the choice of a judge from the Court of Cassation, the commission is hoping to keep as close to Constitutional prescriptions as possible.

The Commission of Handover is preparing to make public the names of the three judges at the Court of Cassation who will replace Jovenel Moïse but have hit a snag in recent days. New groups have risen up, seemingly showing division within the opposition, as some would claim, but it is not the case. All agree on the fundamentals of main opposition group, the Alternative Consensual, but will have their voices heard in the coming days.

The President of the Commission of Handover was contacted by Le Nouvelliste. Gervais Charles did not want to speak about choice of the Commission for the moment. "We have not yet submitted our report to the meeting of the signatories of the Alternative Consensual," he said. "Incessantly the report will be given to the members of the Alternative," he told Le Nouvelliste, pointing out that there are still discussions on the choice of the three names of the Court of Cassation.

According to the spokesman of the Commission of Handover, it is up to the Alternative Consensual to communicate to the country the name of the one who will replace the president among the three judges of the Court of Cassation chosen by the Commission.

An influential member of the Consensual Alternative told the newspaper that judges at the Court of Cassation who were not appointed regularly were automatically removed from the discussions. "They are not eligible, the Commission of transfer of power has eliminated them," the person, a lawmaker currently in office, told Le Nouvelliste.

Another source, member of the Alternative Consensual, informed the newspaper that the choices of the Commission of Handover of Power has the President of the Court of Cassation, René Sylvestre and Jean-Louis Mécène, the oldest and youngest on the court as possibilities. "However, we must wait for the signatories of the Alternative Consensus formalize these choices," said the Le Nouvelliste source.

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