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Former Martelly Officials Create Bloc to Call for Resignation of Jovenel Moïse



On Tuesday, the Democratic Bloc for National Recovery announced its existence on the political scene. It is a coalition of 37 social and professional organizations, led by former officials of the Michel Martelly administration.

Although they are officials linked to the Tet Kale regime which includes President Jovenel Moïse, they are joing the overhwleming majority of Haitians in calling for the president's resignation and that a transitional government be put in place.

The group has no noticeable differences with the Alternative Coalition led by current Senators Youri Latortue (AAA - Artibonite), Evaliere Beauplan (PONT - Nord'Ouest), Nenel Cassy (Fanmi Lavalas - Nippes) and Antonio Cheramy (Verite - Ouest). It says the only thing left is for all of them to sit together and make formal agreements.

After having mentioned the various considerations justifying the constitutive act of this new grouping of political parties, the leader of the political organization Louvre Force, Emmanuel Ménard unveiled the objectives pursued through this initiative:

"We commit ourselves to peaceful mobilization and eventually to negotiations leading to the departure of the power of President Jovenel Moise; resignation demanded by all sectors of national life. Contributing to the definition and application of a policy for a real transition for national recovery, is also aligned with our objectives..."

Mr. Ménard, a former Director General of the National Insurance Office (ONA) under former President Michel Joseph Martelly gave way to former Minister of Social Affairs and Labor under the same regime, Victor Benoit, to speak. Mr. Benoit encouraged supporters to work to overthrow the system:

"Engage in negotiations with national and international forces to reach an urgent and peaceful resolution of the crisis. Choose a judge at the Court of Cassation as the next provisional President of the Republic. Form an exceptional government, with a small ministerial cabinet without prime minister, given the dysfunction of the Parliament..."