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Evans Paul, Cited in US Federal Court, Trying to Save Jovenel



After a Massachusetts Federal Court found Dr. Joseph Baptiste and Roger Richard Boncy guilty of violating the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, many assumed the government official in Haiti that was in negotiation with the formers for bribes was former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. That was not the case.

Internal communications between the two solicitors and the senior official, known as "Foreign Official 1" in the FBI documents, reveal it was not Mr. Lamothe, but his replacement, the defacto former Prime Minister Evans Paul. In a letter during his short run as PM, Paul was negotiating and providing reassurances to the two men who are scheduled to be sentenced on September 12, 2019 by U.S. District Judge Allison Burroughs.

These facts become necessary to take into account now more than ever as corruption scandals cascade daily from the Tet Kale regime, now presided by President Jovenel Moise.

Evans Paul Back on the Scene

On Monday, the same former defacto Prime Minister Evans Paul began a press tour to attempt to negotiate President Jovenel Moise's staying in power. In an article published front page on Tuesday in Le Nouvelliste, Evans Paul's quote is given the title headline: "The President must make a choice between him and Fritz William Michel..."

There are some points of parallel with Mr. Paul's efforts today and those in 2014 which brought him to power in all his defacto-ness.

The Haitian opposition in 2014 was on to then-President Michel Martelly. Martelly was at his weakest point in his tenure as president. He had not taken actions to organize elections. In fact, by his mannerisms and provocations, only further created a climate not conducive to organizing elections.

Martelly had also allowed his wife and son to manage and squander tens of millions of dollars in State funds. The National Palace budget ballooned while the budget for government operations dwindled. Compound this with affronts to the political class which caused bills to mount in Parliament and a government to manage without a budget. The Tet Kale regime was primed to dilapidate the Petrocaribe fund.

Evans Paul in 2014

Evans Paul and a capitulating sect within the opposition, known as the "moderate opposition", turned the movement to force Martelly's resignation to a negotiation for the resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. Today, this moderate opposition is kicking themselves in the rear, realizing the president was the problem.

Because for the corrupt individuals in the Tet Kale regime, ridding of Mr. Lamothe was a win. They got rid of a prime minister who was arresting kidnappers, close and even working within the National Palace, such as Gregory Brandt, Sonson Lafamilia and Renel Lecref. And they were also rid of an executive who did not need to have his hands in the Petrocaribe funds. For the likes of Charles "Kiko" Saint-Remy, the First Lady's brother, who amazingly began appearing at opposition movements, the opportunity for a scapegoat was served by Evans Paul on silver platter.

5 years later, Jovenel Moise, an unknown is propped and found to be massively entrenched in corruption, money laundering and emblezzlement. 5 years later, Evans Paul is back on the scene, up to his shenanigans, only this time, all is left are the crooks and there doesn't appear to be a "moderate opposition".

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