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Protestant Pastors Launch Political Party Called 'Solution'



A group of pastors, mainly of the Protestant churches in Port-au-Prince, officially launched their political platform on Thursday. The party is called Solution and it is chaired by Reverend Ghito Lafleur.

At an office in Clercine in Tabarre, the party made its headquarters. Spokesman Reverend Laguerre Thomslay Budelaire said their platform is intended to be a dynamic and effective tool that can make a major contribution to improving the extremely precarious situation faced by a large part of the population.

Reverend G. Lafleur invited leaders and administration officials to "work seriously and in professionalism in order to benefit from the trust of the people." He also asked the population to "combat with the last rigor the phenomenon of insecurity, unemployment, misery, corruption, impunity, extreme poverty which favors the acceleration of prostitution."