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Death Toll Climbs to 19 in Protests for Haiti President's Resignation



Two more deaths were registered in protests for the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse which continued through the weekend and into Monday. The deaths include a mother of five who witnesses say was shot by police during the movements in Cap-Haïtien in the North of Haiti.


Carline Jean, 56 years old and a mother five was shot dead on Friday, October 4, while police were dispersing a protesting crowd in Cap-Haitien. Her son says she was a small retailer who had just stocked up on soft drinks at Cluny Market. Witnesses say she was shot by police, Le Nouvelliste was unable to speak with any officers about the events of that day. The Justinien University Hospital in the city reported treating five individuals for bullet wounds that night. Dozens were brought in for gun shot wounds the previous week.

Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince

In Port-au-Prince on Monday, a man was shot dead on Champ de Mars during the protests for the resignation of the president. The man, appearing to be in his early 20s, has not yet been identified. Into the late afternoon hours of Monday the body was still awaiting to be picked up by a justice of the piece.

Witnesses say the man was shot by street gangs in the area that have been armed and financed by the administration. Over the weekend, video of an interview between the gang leader in Champ de Mars and radio host Luko Desir made the rounds on social media. In the video, the gang leader said they had been propped by former President Michel Martelly and now work to supress movements in and around the National Palace, Champ de Mars area.

Activists still continue to gather and pelt with rocks the motorcade of President Jovenel Moïse as it enters and leaves the National Palace. It has become a daily occurence since the Head of State's return to the official building after a humiliating Miami Herald article and reports he had not stepped foot in the palace for over three weeks.

Death Toll Climbs to 19 in Protests for Haiti President's Resignation