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4 Police Officers on Leave for Execution of Vladimy Fede



Witnesses say police officers surrounded Vladimy Fede and even on his knees with his hands raised, shot him in the head in broad day light. The young man who just returned to Haiti after living Chili is a father to an 8 year old daughter and was walking to the market to purchase a drink according to his brother.

The police did the act in front of crowds of people. Some have speculated it was to strike fear in those particpating in the "peyi lok" movements, which with burning tires and barricades, had all of Port-au-Prince and most of the country paralyzed. But witnesses say Mr. Fede was not involved, as if that would have made his execution justifiable.

The Mayor of Carrefour also was alleged for having ordered the act in order to temp down the demonstrations. Nonetheless, on Tuesday, the townhall released a note condemning the murder.

"The city council of Carrefour condemns with the uptmost rigor the murder of the youth Vladimy Fede, perpetrated on Monday, September 16 at the corner of Diquini 63 and Jean Jacques Dessalines Boulevard." The city council has called on the National Police of Haiti (PNH), judicial authorities and human rights organizations to investigate the matter.

In the meantime, 4 of the 5 policemen who were on that scene have been placed on leave according to the General Inspectorate of the PNH which handles internal affairs. In a statement to the public, Divisional Commissioner Benjamin Jean Claude said "the general inspection seized the case, opened an investigation to establish the facts. Four firearms were sent to the DCPJ to speed ballistics studies, 10 people were auditioned, the head of the Carrefour police station was also questioned. Unfortunately, a fifth policeman has still not responded to the IGPNH call."

Without revealing the identity of the guilty agents, the divisional commissioner Benjamin Jean Claude also informed that the provisional measures taken against the 4 policemen are unequivocal.

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