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Hundreds of Haitian-Americans in New York Protest for Resignation of Jovenel Moïse



The numbers of Haitian-Americans taking to the streets in the United States in solidarity with Haitians in Haiti demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse continues to grow. On Sunday, groups in New York held a march whose numbers peaked well over a hundred throughout the day.

Uniquely, in the U.S., as has been with movements in Canada, the protesters are demanding their local governments end their irregular support for corrupt administrations in the face of the demands of the people. On Sunday, the protesters criticized the attitude of the United States of America in the crisis turned revolution. They say the U.S. undeniably supports President Jovenel Moïse cited repeatedly in financial crimes against the State.

The protesters walked the streets of the popular roadway, the Eastern Parkway, in Brookyln. It was the call of a group of activists including community leader and radio host, Edens Debas, Bernadette Dormevil, Jensen Desrosiers and newsperson Valerio St Louis. Protesters held up a lot of signs that were critical of the Jovenel Moïse administration.

The $ 1.50 levy on diaspora transfers has been at the center of the popular protest by Haitian protesters in New York and nearby cities like Connecticut, New Jersey. Well before this popular march other movements of the same kind especially take place in front of the United Nations office in Manhattan.

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