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Hundreds Gathered in Mirebalais for Funeral of Néhémie Joseph



On Saturday, the funeral of jounalist Néhémie Joseph was held in the public square of Mirebalais, the city he had called home and worked in. The event was attended by hundreds and included the presence of politicians, civil society figures, representatives of the human rights sector, teachers and members of the press.


Selected personalities climbed the podium to pay a final tribute to Mr. Joseph who was the victim of a hail of bullets in his own vehicle. Throughout the ceremony, members of the Center's Citizen Engagement Movement waved placards and banners demanding justice for the journalist, murdered on October 10, 2019.

Judson Joseph, the dean of the press in the lower Central Plateau, testified his attachment to a brother who left too early. With a face obviously affected by the departure to the beyond of Néhémie Joseph, he honored the memory of the victim who has put his knowledge and know-how at the service of his community. "Néhémie is gone, but his fights, his noble projects still remain," he said.

Like other members of his family and the press, other personalities did not fail to boast of the courage of Radio Panic's reporter. Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, the head of Mouveman Peyizan, who shared an interview with Mr. Joseph, who was also a Radio Mega correspondent in Mirebalais, said he attended the ceremony with a spirit of solidarity. "Néhémie was a fighter, a committed radio professional, who has put himself at the service of the Haitian people," he said.

Venus Louis, a radio journalist with Black FM, who collaborated for years with Néhémie Joseph, described him as a defender of press freedom. "Néhémie Joseph is a model for young journalists," he notes. Therefore, we demand justice and reparation for our colleague murdered by the henchmen in the pay of the thirsty for power."