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Puerto Ricans Show Solidarity with Haiti, Denounce Occupation



On Monday, a group in Puerto Rico protested against occupying forces that are keeping a president in power despite nationwide rioting and calls for resignation from all sectors of national life.

The protesters met in front of the Federico Degetau Federal Building and Clemente Ruiz Nazario Courthouse in Hato Rey barrio of San Juan, Puerto Rico. They stood out on the streets and chanted in favor of the masses in Haiti. They were critical to U.S. led efforts in Haiti to keep President Jovenel Moïse, whose presence has kept the country on lockdown for 3 weeks, in power.

The protest was organized by Comuna Antilla, an organization that says it is for "liberation and brotherhood of peoples of the working class throughout the world against imperialism." The organization believes "in the revolutionary struggle; anti-fascist, anti-patriarchal, anti-racist and any struggle that opposes the capitalist state."

Puerto Ricans Show Solidarity with Haiti, Denounce Occupation