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Haiti: Protesters Hope to Rally at U.S. Embassy, U.N. Mission Base on Friday



Demonstrations for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise continued through the first week of October, however moderately. But on Friday, October 4, civil society organizations intend to take their movement to the doorsteps of the international community.

It appears to many observers that the only power President Moïse is clinging to in Haiti is that which he is being given by a small group within the international community in Haiti calling theirselves "The Core Group". Led by the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, the group is accused of violating the 1961 Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations repeatedly.

Speculation is that the group of diplomats, led by the U.S. Ambassador and including the U.N. Head of Mission in Haiti, have urged President Moïse to not resign although an overwhelming majority of Haitians across many sectors are calling for it.

For these reasons, protesters intend to reach these destinations not only on Friday, but in demonstrations planned for Saturday and Sunday, as well.

The National Police of Haiti (PNH) are likely to stop the tens of thousands from rallying in front of the foreign installations. The PNH which receives all funding and training from the United States has been very zealous in stopping demonstrations that would reach the U.S. Embassy or U.N. bases. Haitian citizens are excessively tear-gassed, beaten, hosed and shot, well before reaching the site where they planned to rally.

Haiti: Protesters Hope to Rally at U.S. Embassy, U.N. Mission Base on Friday