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Demands for Haiti President's Resignation Leads to Widespread Lockdown



In Port-au-Prince, normally bustling streets are empty as the nation is in a "lockdown mode" announced days earlier by several union, trade and civil society organizations.

As is customary on days of protest, major roadways are blocked by burning tires, boulders, dumpsters, anything capable of impeding traffic. But in the situation developing, even small roadways are locked. Citizens, casual participants in Haiti's civic affairs, are doing their part to shut down the city.

It's also not just in Port-au-Prince. In the nation's second and third cities, Cap-Haitien and Les Cayes, the movements began Sunday and escalated as of Monday morning. In Gonaives, there are thousands in the streets. There they have taken down a massive, over-the-roadway sign that welcomes people into the city. In Jacmel, the movement has taken a more artistic expression in some places.

The initiators of the movement are many and uncoordinated. There is a sense of mulling over whether to hold the lockdown until the President of the Republic Jovenel Moise resigns, or on the otherhand, lift the lockdown temporarily after Monday, to resume again. One thing is for certain, the situation is critically worsened by a gasoline crisis brought on by the policies of the administration.

The gasoline crisis has no way of being resolved without a steep hike in gas prices or international assistance and supply of fuels. The former would not solve the problem, the latter is expensive and not sustainable.

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