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La Gonâve Group Demanding Island's Independence from Haiti



Citizens grouped around an organization called La Gonâve Forward are demanding secession from the Haitian State. The merits of their argument is that even as part of the metropolis of Port-au-Prince, they are abandoned and neglected.

"With a population around 100,000 inhabitants, the island is ready to take control of its destiny for having been, for too long, abandoned by the authorities of Port-au-Prince," said Kelly Boucicaut, Coordinator of La Gonâve Forward.

Mr. Boucicaut criticized the behavior of the authorities of the Ouest department, particularly those in Port-au-Prince, saying that no development projects have been undertaken on the island for years. According to the coordinator, l'Ile de la Gonâve is delivered to international organizations and religious organizations.

According to La Gonâve Forward, the island has enough resources to become a self-sufficient economy. The organization refers to the tourism sector and says the fishery resources have high potentials on the Gonavian coasts.

The island of La Gonâve is composed of two towns, Anse-à-Galets and Pointe-à-Raquette. It has an area of ​​266 m2. It stretches up to 37 miles in length and up to 9.5 miles in width.

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