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Part of Massachusetts Bridge Gets New Life in Nord'Est Haiti



An 80-foot section of a temporary bridge in Massachusetts, United States is now being reused in Nord'Est, Haiti, in the town of Perches.

From 2002 to 2017 the bridge spanned the Fore River between North Weymouth and Quincy Point in Massachusetts, now it is over the Riviere Cochon Gras in the town of Perches.

The heavy construction and dredging firm Jay Cashman Inc. donated the bridge, technical staff and equipment through one of its charitable arms, the Cashman Family Foundation, the company announced Tuesday on Facebook.

The repurposed bridge could be a boon for Perches and its 11,000 residents.

“Before construction of the bridge, Perches had earned a reputation in the region as a place not worth moving to or visiting because the river crossing made travel too unpredictable, and occasionally dangerous,” Cashman Family Foundation project manager Liz Checheria said.

“There have been a few instances of drownings of people attempting to cross the river when it was flooded, and of medical emergencies that occurred in the town when the river was too high to cross.”