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27 Writers Demand President Jovenel Moise Resignation



In an open letter to the nation, 27 Haitian writers, some of world renown, joined their voices to those demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse.

The literary giants said they could not continue to watch the "degrading spectacle" of the government that "to the world is shameful."


Citizens, Citizens,

We do not agree with the way we are being governed. It is because of this we are all convinced today, this powerful national consensus is a wave that began a few months ago and will not stop. The degrading spectacle that the President of the Republic, the government and the parliamentary majority give to the Nation and to the world is shameful. We are directly moving in the same misroutes of outmoded governments, only concerned about saving its privileges and its ill-gotten booty on the back of the Nation.

We are indignant. But it's a sign that we are alive and pugnacious. This descent into the underworld of the nation is the consequence of a social system based on exclusion and an overflow of inequalities translated into politics by a succession of regimes and authoritarian attempts, far from any principles of equity and of social justice. We do not want this any more.

We salute the courage of the men and women of this country, young people in particular, who refuse to give up by the thousands and fight against the darkness that wants to cover us. And the rebel street, incandescent, unpredictable, sporadically pours its floods of rage and legitimate frustration through the cities. Shouting: "We can not go hungry anymore. We can no longer suffer from the negation of our basic needs while we are stripped.

In the life of each person there come these moments when he must make his story and his destiny. It has come time for change. We join our voices to those who demand the resignation of the President of the Republic. But let us say from the outset, loud and clear, no lasting transformation of our society will be achieved without taking into account the values ​​and principles that alone can ensure the advent of a more just, united and fraternal society.

No democratic construction is possible in Haiti without the reduction of inequalities, without a new ethics and means to support the public service in the enhancement of the common good. Help build this democracy but especially believe that it is a possible construction, this is our fight. For the time being, it is incumbent upon us to make the necessary decisions without wasting any more time, and in the union.

Unity is strength. Let's build that union. Let us take the proposals of our economic and social representatives, religious, community, associative. Let's build a government of national unity. Let's build a priority strategy for the recovery of the rule of law. It's been a long time since we talk about a national conference, a general assembly. But none of this will be possible if there is no trust around the table. Let's have the courage to say aloud where the rub is. Mistrust, jealousies, rivalries, marronnage, material thirs divide us and paralyze us especially. Let's build trust and tolerance to move toward solutions that resemble us and bring us together.

The first act likely to restore confidence is the legitimate holding of the PetroCaribe trial. An essential step in our transformation process. Petrocaribe will be the trial of our pains that we could not evacuate together after January 12, 2010. It will be the trial of all the genocides scattered in our history, these dead waiting for us to release them from our sleepy memory. The Petrocaribe trial will be especially an opportunity for every Haitian and every Haitian to question the relationship we have with the public good, which belongs to all and is good for all.

And then, let's get ready to vote when the time comes. Let us prepare to vote today, but on the basis of policies, strategies and programs of national and local interest for the building of which we will have contributed individually and collectively, especially within the framework of our institutional, professional organizations and community.

The word that saves today is together. Our young people understood it. The word of survival is relationship. Relationship between generations. Relationship between neighborhoods. Relationship between sectoral, social and professional groups. That the girls and women of Haiti continue their progress towards the social and political territories like those women in Sudan at the heart of the revolt against a decried regime. Set without false modesty. Stripped of our egos too heavy for our lives. Relationship with our Haitian sisters and brothers of the diaspora who are suffering with us, who want to participate with us in the great project of rebuilding our society. We do not have much time left. There is no longer any question of adapting to a system that no longer works. No more to shut up and pretend things are going to change

  • Coutechève Lavoie Aupont
  • Guy Régis Jr.
  • James Noël
  • Néhémy Pierre Dahomey
  • Marie Andrée Etienne
  • Evelyne Trouillot
  • Frankétienne
  • Jean D’Amérique
  • Lyonel Trouillot
  • Barbara Prezeau Stefenson
  • Gary Klang
  • Kettly Mars
  • Jacques Adler Jean Pierre
  • André Fouad
  • Dieulermesson Petit-Frère
  • Yanick Lahens
  • Gary Victor
  • Mirline Pierre
  • Elsie Suréna
  • Verly Dabel
  • Jean-Robert Léonidas
  • Anthony Phelps
  • Béo Monteau
  • Mehdi Chalmers
  • Guy Gérald Ménard
  • Eddy Toussaint Tontongi
  • Stephane Martelly
  • Faubert Bolivar
  • Makenzy Orcel
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