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Presidency Ridiculed, Sets Minimum Wage Taking No Account for Inflation



In a decree dated October 31, 2019, President Jovenel Moïse set new figures for the national minimum wage. It appeared as a rise in minimum wage, advisors to the president made the rounds in the media presenting the administration as one that cares about the worker, but they were mistaken.

The administration has received, moreover, criticism and ridicule for the new minimum wage measures that are set to take effect on November 1.

Firstly, the Haitain Head of State did not respond to real calls to raise the minimum wage since coming into office. Rather, he waited until the country was in full blown unrest where businesses are laying off workers to make an adjustment.

Secondly, by not consulting concerned parties, the raise in minimum wage is actually a decrease relative to last year's adjustment.

An example made by Radio France Internationale journalist Amelie Baron. Last year, when the minimum wage for textile workers was set to 420 HTG, this was the equivalent to 5.20 euros. This year, as it is set to 500, equates to 4.65 euros.

The Chamber of Deputies in March of this year had planned to present an increase in the minimum wage to 750 HTG. 50% more than what the president has set. Workers union are demanding 1,500 HTG, 3 times what was set. All these figures concern pay for an 8-hour day's work.

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