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MEnvesti Launches Platform in City of Independence



A new crowdfunding platform was launched in Gonaïves, the City of Independence, on Saturday, August 24, 2019. At the Amaranthe Cultural Center, young Gonaïvians living in the United States, Canada and Haiti, introduced MEnvesti.com, which aims to facilitate loans from diaspora to startups in Haiti.

"Our vision is to create approximately 5,000 direct and indirect jobs over five years with over $30 million in loans," said Lovens Gjed, the CEO of the project and founder of MEnvesti Investment Group LLC.

"We are establishing partnerships with youth associations, such as the Association Tonnelle Action, and universities, such as the University Notre-Dame in Gonaïves to engage young people in the process of wealth creation via MEnvesti", said Gjed, a recent graduate in Sustainable Development from Colombia University.

"In this market, and considering the four modes of crowdfunding, we chose the loan model so that Haitians can help each other to stay in a wait-and-see attitude towards foreigners. That's why we chose the niche of the Haitian diaspora as the primary target, as it sends more than $2.5 billion annually to the country," said Yvens Rumbold, a member of the executive board, Fulbright Scholar, and recent Michigan State University Communications Graduate with a specialization in fundraising.

The information in this post was not verified by the Haiti Sentinel and it is unclear if it was by the Editorial Board at Le Nouvelliste. The Sentinel strongly suggests anyone looking to invest their money into MEnvesti or MEnvesti.com to do a thorough review of their own.

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