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LaSwenyay App Aims to Diffuse Medical Attention Faster



On Thursday, at the Banj headquarters on Delmas 66, two medical students launched their mobile application LaSwenyay, "a tele-medicine and digital health service."

Jeeph Sergilles, one of the presenters, believes the application can even help to reduce cases of malpractice by using Television, Télé Expertise and Télé Surveillance.

Through the concepts of mobile communication, the app should allow more health professionals to reach more patients, collaborate with more colleagues, overcoming the obstacles between provider and patient often encountered in the Haitian health system.

Together with Banj, the initiators of the project try to reconcile medicine and technology, while aiming at the evolution of medicine via a Smartphone, a computer or any other electronic device. A whole team is set up for a job to reach a whole population.

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