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"Do not be robbed of hope", Latin American Bishops in Solidarity with Haitian People



In a note to Monseigneur Launay Saturnè, Thursday, the Presidency of the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM) announced its support for the episcopal conference in Haiti which days earlier led a march of thousands in solidarity with protesters who for weeks have been calling for the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse.

In the note, the Presidency of CELAM invited the international community, leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the episcopal conferences of the region to join in support of a peaceful solution to the crisis in Haiti.

In the words of Pope Francis, "do not be robbed of hope", CELAM noted that at least 42 deaths and 86 injuries had been registerd in a matter of 6 weeks of protests in Haiti. By this, it called on Haitian authorities to allow "the voice of wisdom be heard."

The church called on the leaders in Haiti to "not be deaf to the cry of those who always suffer with greater rigor the consequences of this type of crisis, which are the poorest, the elderly, women and children."



“Church in dialogue with the world”

P./No. 0105 of 2019

Bogotá DC, October 30, 2019

Dear Brother:
The suffering of the men and women of the beloved Republic of Haiti is a cry that rises to heaven, but must also reach the ears of those who have in their hands the power to help Haitians find effective ways to overcome all the deficiencies that seriously injure his human dignity and sons and daughters of God.

From the Latin American Episcopal Council we join his voice, that of the episcopate, priests, religious and religious and all the Catholics of that nation to ask, as you have done, that "the voice of wisdom be heard", but also that Do not be deaf to the cry of those who always suffer with greater rigor the consequences of this type of crisis, which are the poorest, the elderly, women and children.

We want to fraternally invite the Episcopal Conferences of our Latin America and the Caribbean to surround you, first of all, mobilizing the faithful to carry out days of prayer for peace and civilized exit to the painful situation in Haiti, and for rest eternal of those who have died in the middle of the riots.

We ask the leaders of our continent, the international community, strengthen diplomatic dialogue mechanisms to find a way out - always peaceful - to the crisis of that nation.

We tell Haitians and Haitians, taking the word of Pope Francis: "Do not let yourselves steal hope" and do not allow violence to become the only way to overcome difficulties.

May Our Lady of Perpetual Help make you always feel close to Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of peace.

Mons. Miguel Cabrejos Vidarte, OFM Archbishop of Trujillo, Peru President
Card Leopoldo José Brenes Solórzano Archbishop of Managua, Nicaragua Second Vice President
Card Odilo Pedro Scherer Archbishop of São Paulo, Brazil First Vice President
Mons. Rogelio Cabrera López Archbishop of Monterrey President Economic Affairs Council
Mons. Juan Carlos Cárdenas Toro, Auxiliary Bishop of Cali. General Secretary
To His Excellency Reverend Monsignor Launay SATURNÈ, Archbishop of Cap-Haitien. President of the Episcopal Conference of Haiti