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Carl-Henry Desmornes Consecrated as New Supreme Chief of Vodou



Carl-Henry Desmornes on Wendesday was consecrated into his seat as the new National Ati of Haitian Vodou in a ceremony held at the Historical Park of Canne-à-Sucre on the 228th anniversary of the Bois Caiman ceremony, August 14, 2019.

Among the guests present were, Mayor of Tabarre, Nice Simon, Deputy Caleb Desrameaux (Verite - Tabarre), the Director General of the Culture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture, Evens Souffrant, political activist, René Civil and the former Armed Forces of Haiti (FADH) General Hérard Abraham.

"The date of August 14, is a symbol for the Haitian people for me too. I opted for this day because of its mystical and historical significance. I hope that it will be a new beginning, a mark of commitment of all the initiates to overcome the challenges," said Carl-Henry Desmornes in his acceptance speech.

After the passing of the world-renowned Ati Max Gesner Beauvoir and the revocation of Ati Joseph Fritzner Comas, the Director General of Radio Planet Kreyol, Desmornes, becomes the 3rd Ati elected head of Haitian Vodou.

Mr. Desmornes was elected in May by 83 out of 158 votes against hougan Ismaite André who assumed the office by interim after the revocation in February of Comas. Desmornes will hold the office for a 7-year term according to the established laws and principles.