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Hero Haiti Engaged in Bahamas Hurricane Relief



Private client-rescue company, Hero Haiti, is already working to send support out of Haiti to the Bahamas where the devastating Category 5 Hurricane Dorian left the northern islands waste.

In a post to the Hero Rescue Instagram page, images of the loading of the first plane of aid can be seen. The apparently, amphibious aircraft will be carrying water purification machines, MRE meals, blankets, hygiene kits, shoes, cases of medications and hospital/clinic/EMS supplies and more.

The company thanks Air Mobile Ministries and the Bernard Mevs Hospital for their contributions. It is unclear from the post if Hero Haiti will be serving clients in the Bahamas or anyone who is in need. Their operations are private-based in Haiti for clients who purchase the emergency care services in the country lacking in public options.

So far, this appears the only option in Haiti to send your support out of the country to the Bahamas.

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