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Pikliz Restaurant in St-Henri, Montreal Quickly Becoming a Favorite



The brainchild of two Haitian-Quebecer brothers, Akim and Abdel Acacia. A new Haitian restaurant in St-Henri, Montreal serving up griot, barbecue chicken, patties, and more out of a St-Jacques Street café.

Pikliz, which is operating out of Zec Café (near Place-St-Henri) quietly opened in recent days. It hasn’t been promoted beyond a few social media posts, yet St-Henri-ites seem to already be taking to the restaurant with fervour; one community Facebook group has had numerous posts praising Pikliz’s affordable Caribbean food.

The restaurant is billed as a pop-up, although no end date has been set — the official opening was Wednesday, November 6, and Pikliz’s owners have said they plan to stay open as long as possible.

On the menu are plenty of staples from Haiti — griot (spiced, fried pork shoulder), kalalou (an okra stew), and spicy cod chiquetaille (a shredded, salted cod dish). Several varieties of Haitian patty also feature prominently — not to be confused with Jamaican patties, these are made with puff pastry, and come with fillings like spiced ground beef or pulled griot.

One of the brothers, Abdel Acacia, brings culinary skills, having run his own catering business in Montreal and on the South Shore. Meanwhile, Akim is on the entrepreneurial side — he founded a guesthouse, La Terrasse Blanche, in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, encouraging tourists from Montreal and beyond to visit the country.