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Naomi Zaou Crowned Miss Haiti de France 2019



On Saturday, in Paris, hailing from Fond-des-Blancs, Naomi Zaou became the 2019 Miss Haiti de France. The 22 year old of Haitian and Guyanese background succeeds Naïca Buissereth who was hand to pass her the crown. For the next year, Miss Zaou will have the role of ambassador for Haiti in France.

The press note from the former miss follows:

"Young men, young women, let's be models for our generation and those of the future".

In the night of October 13-14, 2017, I was crowned. This was one of the most important moments for me. It was the day when I had the honor of entering the big family of Misses, where my life took another turn. I became the ambassador of a country, Haiti. From a community, that of the Haitian diaspora of France.

Proud, determined, ready to realize her dreams. This is the kind of woman I am.

My journey was long, very long. During 2 years, I discovered a world where the appearance was much more important than the words. It was difficult to find the right way to act, to take action, to take initiatives. But there are moments that remain unforgettable and engraved, such as meetings with the community, during the various official and associative outings. I had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with excellent personalities from our diaspora, associations that are doing good things to make our culture shine.

Young women, young men, if you have a vision, write it down, keep it as a treasure. Whatever you say, protect her, because one day she will be fulfilled. Be visionaries. We are the future of our country. Let's be models for our generation and those of tomorrow.

To you, beautiful young woman, dear Naomi, I offer you my sincere congratulations and wish you the best during your reign. Trust in yourself, be positive, humble and never stop learning. Know already that you are an example for thousands of young Haitian women around the world who will be inspired by your talent, your intelligence and your career.

In these times, where we live a period of insecurity and turmoil in Haiti, peace and strength can accompany you to be a voice that federates deep fractures of a beautiful pearl.

I do not think I have achieved all my goals but I am very satisfied with what I left as an imprint. For the rest it is only the beginning of a long and beautiful career. I thank everyone without exception for the support, support provided from the beginning. I arrived here thanks to you.

God bless Haiti.
Warmly and patriotically, Naïca Buissereth.

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