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New Miss Dominican Republic Victim of Racist Attacks



The 2019 Miss Dominican Republic, Clauvid Daly, is facing persistant racist attacks for having dark skin from her own compatriots. Since her coronation on August 18, 2019, she has had to deny she is of Haitian origin, and two former Miss DRs have come to her defense, expressing their shame in their nationals and encouraging Miss Daly to stand tall.

Racist groups in the Dominican society brought onto radio programs began by saying that since the new Miss DR is black, "she can not symbolize the beauty that characterizes the Dominican woman."

On these radio stations, callers say "by this choice, they want to make us accept as normal the merger between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Because, the election of a Dominican miss is a symbol that characterizes our culture, our physical traits and our identity," complained one listener.

"The election of this Dominican miss is a plot that tries to prove that in the past we were the same nation, it was never like that and it never will be," shouted another. "In a beauty contest, the homeland, freedom and borders must be major issues."

Miss DR was forced to respond to the loud criticism publicly by saying that she is not of Haitian origin.

"My mother is from San Pedro de Macorís and my father from Santiago de los Caballeros, I was born in Miami, United States and three days later we came to live in Punta Cana," said the Miss during an interview on the radio program El Mañanero .

Two Former Winners Come to Defense

Two former Miss DRs have since come to the defense of the 2019 neophyte. Miss DR 2015, Clarissa Molina, made a video and said "Clauvid is a spectacular girl, I loved her projection on stage. She is a Dominican of pure strain. I really regret like many people who are behind a cell phone and people of the same medium who say they are 'influencers', who don't know anything about beauty contests and doesn't know what's going on..."

"If you have nothing positive to add, don't comment," Molina insisted. "Right now what she needs is support and her own country is not supporting her," she complained.

She said that Miss Daly is very brave to take the crown and say "I am the Dominican Republic" and represents her land with all "the pride she feels."

Miss DR 2016, Rosalba Abreau "Sal" Garcia, came out and said she understands the nightmare of suffering under cyberbullying and regretted that Miss Daly has to endure the same.

In addition to feeling ashamed of her compatriots, Miss Garcia said she regrets how “they return to the attack, using denigrating words of racism, intolerance and phobia, towards a person who all she did was fight and work to fulfill a dream."

"I wish you all the success in the world, may God guide your steps, shine with your own light and stand out from above, shut your mouth to all those who reject you today, make him feel ashamed of himself for everything they say today , who have to bow their heads when it is their turn to see you succeed, fulfill your goal regardless of the barriers that come your way", she added.

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