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U.S. Support for Embattled Haiti President Decried by Authors of World Renown



A group of the most renowned Haitian authors defined a line for humanism in Haiti. In a joint letter, the writers said President Jovenel Moïse's only power comes from embassies in Haiti and it is now a choice of humanism between a corrupt and repressive president and a people united in requesting his resignation.

The letter made public on Tuesday followed a meeting organized by a group of diplomats in Haiti, calling themselves "The Core Group". The cabal of the gang led by the United States Ambassador to Haiti failed to bring the invited moderate and historically malleable opposition members to dialogue with President Jovenel Moïse.

Nonetheless, the U.S. led group, including Canada, France, Germany and the United Nations, has emboldened President Moïse out of hiding and multiplied his provocations of the Haitian people.

It is for these reasons, the writers, authors of world esteem would follow up their mid-June letter calling for the president's resignation, to be signatories to the following:

We, Haitian writers, echoing a petition that was initiated by the Haiti Pen Center on June 15, 2019, draw the attention of the world's citizens to the Haitian situation.

Following the election of Jovenel Moïse to the presidency of Haiti, with a very low participation rate, less than 20% of potential voters, the president and his party, PHTK, enjoying an overwhelming parliamentary majority, managed the of the country in such a way that today all bodies of national life, representatives of all religions, human rights institutions, professors of universities, collectives of artists and intellectuals, parties of the opposition of all tendencies, the unions, associations of the business sector, call for their resignation. The president is accused of corruption by a report of the Superior Court of Auditors.

The youth and the Haitian people as a whole are calling for the Petrocaribe trial, for more than three billion dollars, to be held. For more than seven months, the president and the parliament have not been able to set up a government in the conditions required by the Constitution.

Deprived of all institutional support, the population has for months been resorting to demonstrations to which the president has responded only by silence and repression. In Port-au-Prince and the main provincial cities, there are daily clashes between hundreds, even thousands of demonstrators and individuals in police uniform, often hooded. Journalists were shot and wounded. Political activists are targeted, and arbitrary arrests take place. In reaction, the protesters become radicalized. On Monday, September 30, police repression was particularly tough against protesters from popular backgrounds. Police have been seen forcing citizens to crawl like beasts, and then picking some pêle-mêle out of the back of a pickup truck.

There is no possible reconciliation between the Haitian people and the presidency of Jovenel Moïse / PHTK

The president and PHTK are criticized for having made only personal use of their political power. In the eyes of the country, they represent corruption, repression and exclusion. The president is unable to report to the population without being stuck and conspired. All activities in the country have been blocked for more than a week. Nothing works. Commerce, schools, hospitals, public services. A population already living in poverty suffers from deprivations that can only lead to greater radicalization. The only way for the fugitive president to stay in power is to use the national police as a weapon of political repression and to use public resources as a source of funding for the repression against the population.

The demand of the people is clear: the resignation of the President and what remains of Parliament; the installation of a transitional government gearing its action towards the reduction of inequalities, immediate measures to alleviate the suffering of the most destitute; the holding of trials against all acts of corruption of which the dignitaries of the PHTK are guilty; the holding of a national conference (the appellations vary) on the problems of the country and the path to take to commit to republican equity.

We say it to the world: there is no possible reconciliation between the Haitian people and the presidency of Jovenel Moïse/PHTK. The only support for this decried power would come from powerful foreign embassies. It is at the price of the blood of the people, of the radicalization, of the repressive violence, that Jovenel Moïse would remain in power. We call on the citizens of the world to support the Haitian cause. Humanism today demands to choose between a people and a president, between a people and their executioners.

The petitioners: Kettly Mars, Anthony Phelps, Lyonel Trouillot, Evains Weche, Yanick Lahens, Évelyne Trouillot, Mehdi Chalmers, Victor Gary, Faubert Bolivar, Jocelyne Trouillot-Levy, Frankà © tienne, Marie-Andrée Etienne, Guy-Gerald Menard, Jean-Robert Leonidas, Louis -Philippe Dalembert, James Noël and Joël Des Rosiers

U.S. Support for Embattled Haiti President Decried by Authors of World Renown